Divorce Day

Today, the first working day after the Xmas/New Year break has become known (probably more by the media than by divorce lawyers themselves) as Divorce Day, or D-Day, the day on which more people commence divorce proceedings than any other.

According to the Express: "DIVORCE lawyers are bracing themselves for their busiest working day for 10 years today as the fallout from the recession is predicted to take its toll on thousands of couples." They go on: "This year industry insiders fear a 15 per cent increase in inquiries compared with last year as many rocky marriages fail to make it through the recent tough financial times intact."

The Telegraph joins in: "As thousands of couples decide that after yet another unfestive season, marked by rows, resentments and recriminations, it is time to call it a day on their marriages, divorce lawyers are gearing up for their busiest, most lucrative time of the year", although they then go on to say that it is not just lawyers who are profiting from divorce, but a whole new and burgeoning divorce industry, including divorce parties, divorce shows and divorce cakes (above).

My advice to any divorce lawyer whose phone won't stop ringing today: enjoy the good times while you can.


  1. Both of the included pieces from the media in this post, give the awful impression of Divorce Lawyers being uncaring and greedy, which I find is not helpful to the Legal profession.

    A line of sympathy for those embarking upon divorce with acknowledgement that a divorce is a very stressfull and emotive time in peoples lives, would be very refreshing.

    Clients need the reassurance that their Lawyer is there to help Legally advise them, whilst they are paying for that service.

  2. The divorce profession IS among the lowest of professions, like owners of pawn shops--they prey on people in their darkest hour. Lawyers seek to bleed them for profit for years.
    Divorce law is written by divorce lawyers, and no one cares how those laws are written until they wind up in the clutches of the divorce industry.
    Women benefit, profit from divorce. Women get primary custody of children in 90+% of cases, and since they make less money (in 99.9+% of cases) they receive child support. Let's not forget alimony, which some women are awarded for LIFE.
    Courts rule in such a way as to continue conflict in perpetuity, and when the woman is short of funds to continue in her pursuit of the man/father's money and property, the court will force the father to pay her legal bills as well.
    "Loser pays" is a great way of reforming civil litigation--but only when it is applied to both parties, not in the one-sided tradition we currently have.
    So, Anonymous, stuff that in your bra, and burn it.

  3. Thanks Bartman, for that excellent (albeit somewhat belated) summary.


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