Family Lore Focus

It seems that there are some who are not aware of my alter ego, Family Lore Focus, so I thought I would do a quick post as a blatant advert reminder.

Family Lore Focus is essentially a site that aggregates freely available family law content from the web, including news, cases, statutory instruments, articles, podcasts and blogs. Every day I check every source that I am aware of including family law sites, general law sites, blogs, newspapers, Bailii and many others, and post links to items of interest. The most recent links can be found on the front page of Family Lore Focus, and older ones on the relevant blogs: Family Lore News, Family Lore Case Digest, Family Lore Articles, Family Lore Podcasts (OK, this presently only includes the LoreCasts that I do with Natasha Phillips) and Family Lore Blogs.

You can also follow the latest news and cases on Twitter, and subscribe to a free weekly email Newsletter (more of which in a few days), here.