Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning

"I've got nothing to say but it's OK"
- John Lennon

Not having anything particular to say for myself this morning, I thought I would have a look at what others are saying.

News-wise things seem to have been a little quiet over the last few days, but Resolution did announce that it has launched a new search facility to enable members of the public going through separation or divorce to find an independent financial advisor (IFA) with Resolution accreditation. Seems like a good idea to me, although a quick search using my postcode came up with no results within about 30 miles - hopefully, any gaps in coverage will be filled in in the future.

So much for news, what about blogs? Well, over at Pink Tape Lucy Reed has written a post about the Law Society's warning of the possible risks of using cheap online divorce sites, but unlike me she doesn't sit on the fence about such sites: "whilst acknowledging that this may be an excellent and appropriate service for some ... I’m uneasy ... that it may be a service purchased by families for whom it is not the best way forward". DivorceSolicitor takes a similar view: "Trying to sort out your finances without legal advice can result in regret and unfairness... When I first trained I was told you would not attempt to do your own conveyancing to buy a house so why your own divorce finances?" Well, I suppose she does have a point there...

As usual Marilyn Stowe can be relied upon for having something definite to say, this time on the subject of pre-nuptial agreements. She looks at the effect of such an agreement upon what she calls the 'emotional recovery process' that many divorce clients (particularly the "innocent parties") have to go through. Thought-provoking, and well worth a read - the description of the typical recovery process ("from denial to acceptance") will, I'm sure, ring a bell with most family law solicitors (even, sadly, the part about husbands leaving wives who are terminally ill).

Finally, Judith Middleton also has something to say that will resonate with family law solicitors (albeit of a rather less serious nature), on the issue of children's names: "Listening to local radio there were tales of children being called Vauxhall Nova and Pocahontas O’Reilly, although as any divorce lawyer will tell you they would inevitably be spelled Vorkshall and Pokahontass". Yep, been there, done that.

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