"In years to come, they will be a timeless memento of a magical wedding day."

"To celebrate the engagement of Prince William of Wales to Ms. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction has commissioned a unique heritage edition Royal Wedding Souvenir boîte de capotes."

There is nothing that I could possibly add to this story.


  1. I was just taking a look at your blog to see if there was any comment on Yemshaw v London Borough of Hounslow and I find this instead. Very disappointing, John. Too much trivia and not enough serious commentary. ;)

  2. I've not commented upon Yemshaw as that is actually a housing law case, rather than a family law case. Sorry if there is too much trivia for you, but all work and no play would make John a very bored boy.


  3. I absolutley love the idea that the above mentioned product falls under the remit of Family law, as it is a way of planning your family and prevention of disease. I also know of many divorce cases where a female spouse has found such items in her partners pocket, just at the time they are trying to conceive, which obviously led to further truths being revealed regarding infidelity.
    I also think that the above mentioned product is a leading factor in the Julian Assange case.

    With these comments in mind. I don't find this item to be trivia at all. The above mentioned product has also made me think about various other sections of every day life, not to mention health matters and the Catholic Church.

    Thank you John for making me have a serious think about the above mentioned product.

  4. I'm with the Catholic church on this one. If you want to plan a family or reduce STSs, then these are not the way to go.

  5. Bloody hell, I post what I think is an amusing little story and I get comments like these!

    Lighten up people!

  6. Typo, should have read STDs.

  7. Dear John,

    Speaking as a midwife, I am rather of the opinion that the great british populace is not likely to use the royal version of this esteemed baby prevention device (far better than vatican roulette) given the large numbers of other far more interesting varieties available through your local family planning clinic. However, it may be that the very THOUGHT of the royal couple indulging in bonkage may be enough to put ANY similarly minded couple off for life, thereby rendering the packet alone an effective contraceptive.

    When my group practice gave out condoms to teenagers we gave out ALL sorts - literally, from musical ones, to ones flavoured with bubblegum, blueberry muffin, hot chocolate, apples, strawberry and orangeade.
    You may never regard a snack in quite the same way again!!
    ( I shall make no mention of the knobbly ones, black ones, smiley faced ones and ones that glow in the dark, to say nothing of the slight difficulty that I experienced when delivering some boxes of said items to a certain university college in London, (where my midwifery group practice held a drop in clinic) approximately 750 of the knobbly ones spilled out onto the pavement from my taxi.....)

    PS: word captcha - Proked. Does your verification device need a little contraceptive advice, perhcance?!

  8. (PS: Dear David, Sex should be safe, healthy fun; condoms are designed to promote such fun and prevent your average woman being overrun with children and the bonking couple with all sorts of disease. Whilst I respect your right to play vatican roulette, I cant say I share your opinion )

  9. LM: Too... much... information...

  10. ( ahhhhh, but I'll bet you're glad I told you!)

    PS: Word Captcha - Moldiau; is your verification learning to speak Welsh, too?! Dai Iawn!!

  11. 'If you want to plan a family or reduce STSs, then these are not the way to go.'

    unless it's a royal family you're planning, surely.

    minxy - a midwife handing out condoms does sound a bit like a turkey voting for christmas or a trade unionist voting for cameron.

  12. My Dear SW,

    Whilst such an action on my part may appear to be closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, so to speak, I would far rather the stable door remains safely shut rather than find, 6-8 weeks later, that the filly within is once again with foal, when she can barely cope with the first/ second/ third/ fourth/ fith.........

  13. i was merely putting my legal head on and wondering why you would do something that might (if the donees are capable of getting them on the right way round) mean there was less work for midwives everywhere. in such recession-hit times, can this be wise? or have you used a pin to make vatican-friendly holes in the ends?

  14. My Dear Zen,

    You may rest assured that We midwives will NEVER fall short of work - in fact the profession presently finds itself barely able to cope with the deluge that is visited upon it daily; couple this to the fact that the numbers of actual practising midwives are also small in relation to said deluge then the recipe for disaster is set.

    Even in my relatively halcyon day, I would commonly find myself caring for three women in established labour - and when they all decide to deliver at the same time, the bounds of safety and quality of care are stretched to their absolute limit.

    I am therefore the champion of the condom in all its forms ( even, unfortunately, the royal variety)if only to ultimately prevent large numbers of otherwise cracking midwives facing a suit in negligence.....


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