At the offices of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors...

... Mr Venal has found a way to re-use an advertising poster:

Wives are the first to tire of marriage after husbands stop being romantic - Daily Mail


  1. Dear Messrs Venal and Grabbit,

    We here at Tightwad and Curmudgeonly stand once again in awe of your willingness to stretch the bounds of client care to their absolute maximum. However we would suggest, in the name of profit - apologies, CAUTION -that you also issue advertisments suggesting the gender opposite. In the age of copious legislation pertaining to equality, one can never be too careful.(as our 87 year old Mr Curmudgeonly senior discovered - fortunately NOT to his cost -when he was recently made the subject of a paternity test)

    Kind Regards,

    Aldous Tightwad, Senior Managing Partner, Tightwad and Curmudgeonly LLP, Solicitors.

  2. My Dear Aldous,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I can assure you that I am always looking for suitable advertising opportunities to attract clients of all genders provided, of course, that they are of sufficient means to pay my fees.

    Meanwhile, if Mr Curmudgeonly should require any advice then I shall, of course, be happy to assist - I have no concerns about his means.

    Best regards,

    Edgar Venal.

  3. 'has he stopped being romantic?'

    was he ever romantic?

    if so it wasn't a man; you may be the short-sighted owner of a dog.

  4. Dear SW,

    You are, of course, correct. However, as we know, women are delusional creatures - the important thing is not whether he was romantic, but rather whether she thought he was.

    Yours etc.,

    Edgar Venal.

  5. have i got this right? the question is 'what would the reasonable woman think?'

    soooooo confused now.

  6. Stay confused, SW - it's better that way.

  7. ... or the reasonable delusional woman...?

    yep; staying confused is definitely the option. and one that has served me well enough for many years.


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