News Brief: Busy, busy, busy...

The Government is keeping busy this week, continuing its policy of not leaving anything alone.

First up, we had Education Secretary Michael Gove announcing new adoption guidance yesterday (quite what adoption should have to do with a Department for Education, I don't know). I won't say much about this, as the media has already covered the story from a variety of different angels, including: White couples should be allowed to adopt black and ethnic minority children; Older couples whose own children have left home should be considered as potential adoptive parents; More children will be put up for adoption instead of being left in council care; and More children will be placed for adoption with single parents. For all the details, the adoption guidance itself may be found here.

Next up is Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly, giving us the news we already know that: Divorcing couples will be referred to mediation to sort out most disputes before they are allowed to use the courts. The move doesn't seem to have gone down well in all circles, with the Daily Mail headline telling us:

Warring couples told to try £300-per-hour mediation before they enter divorce courts

I also rather liked the Pugh cartoon, showing a couple in front of a divorce lawyer, with the caption: 'We were blissfully happy until we fell out over the pros and cons of a mediation course'.

* * * * *

UPDATE: The Mail headline has now been changed to 'Warring couples told to try costly mediation before they enter divorce courts', after they got a letter from National Family Mediation (thanks, NFM).


  1. Avoid all this madness, don't get married.

  2. That won't help - contrary to what the reports indicate, the rules also apply to children and financial applications where the parties are not married.

  3. Where did the £300 per hour come from?

  4. No idea - for that, I'd consider going back and doing it! (Well, maybe not...)


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