Who wants to mediate?


  1. Dear Messrs Venal and Grabbit,

    Should your fine advertisment not also read 'yours AND ours?)'?

    Just a thought,

    Very Kind Regards,

    Bartholomew Curmudgeonly, Articled Clerk, Tightwad and Curmudgeonly LLP Solicitors and Commissioners for ( non swearing) oaths.

    ( Ps: my father told me to comment on your fine post in the fullest expectation that, upon completion of my traineeship, you would give me a job)

  2. Dear Bartholomew,

    You make an excellent point. Clearly, you are just our sort of person - we confirm that we will bear you in mind should a suitable vacancy arise. You are prepared to work 24/7/365 for the minimum wage?

    Yours etc.,

    Venal & Grabbit.

  3. Dear Messrs Venal and Grabbit,

    Whilst I would be prepared to work for your fine organisation in exchange for the minimum wage given that I am already kept by my family, there will unfortunately be those occasions when I simply will not be able to work - the ENTIRE Polo Season/Glyndebourne/Wimbledon/Ascot notwithstanding - and I am sure that, as men of the world, you would understand this.


    Bartholomew Curmudgeonly.

  4. Dear Bartholomew,

    Oh dear. Unfortunately, we do not allow our assistants to take time off. Perhaps you are not V & G material after all.

    Yours etc.,

    Venal & Grabbit.


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