I've not made a study of the Welfare Reform Bill, but this article in the Guardian's Comment is free column today is worrying:

The welfare reform bill will trap abused women in their violent hell


  1. I think this is a joke. I also started laughing when my ex wife's barrister started saying that she could not survive without X amount of £'s in spousal maintenance.

    Until I see this for my own eyes I will not believe it. The homeless I see are usually male alcoholics, I do not see homeless women with children and have not seen any domestic violence either.

    Sick jokes invented by the lefty-feminists. If they are hard up they can or go to the councel or many other charities.

    Alternatively they should try harder to make their relationships with the father of their child work, rather than disappearing and expecting hand outs for no good reason. And as for the MBE / OBE / whatever, didn't Frank Goodwin get one for bankrupting the RBS. Means nothing. Sick of these people moaning, more worried about my children getting a decent education and job.

  2. oh john! you just hoping for more business with your diplomacy?

    that said, i don't understand the guardian piece in the sense that i'm not sure which bit of the bill it was complaining about. and it didn't give me any specific information to help me work it out either. those of us who know it's a crock of shit aren't any the wiser and those who haven't yet formed a view won't be brought to the writer's way of thinking. a sloppy piece.

  3. Thankfully, I'm no longer concerned about getting more business!

  4. As a Council Tax payer, I think it entirely reasonable that we should relieve David of the responsibility of supporting his ex-wife.

  5. My point was that she should pay for herself. I am always amazed how people think that if a barrister says something then it must be true; when usually the opposite is the case. That does worry me.


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