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Family Justice Review Interim Report

W (Children): Performing the balancing exercise in relocation cases

News Brief: The only stories in town


DE v AB: If a child is born, then the parents have obligations under law

Wives should be kissed and not heard

Cheats Charted

Something for the Weekend: Saturn fly-by

News Brief: Forms, rules (again) and dynastic trusts

Above and beyond...

Webinar: Testing for alcohol misuse using hair – an open discussion forum following the findings of the Moylan Judgment in Richmond v B

Family LoreCast #38

Be Prepared

N v F: Taking pre-marital wealth into account


I am DEFINITELY buying one of these...

Backs of heads, blades of grass and guests' feet: The worst wedding video ever?

Til death or political ambition do us part...

Classic BBC divorce documentary

Post on OnlyDads

Hyperventilating over hyper-injunctions

Something for the Weekend: Last Train Home, Pat Metheny

News Brief: Rules and cases

The challenges ahead

"The Fairytale Romantic Union Of All The Centuries"

A day in the life...

World Social Work Day

Re A (a child): Withdrawing care proceedings where the child has suffered significant harm

At the offices of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors...

Strange echo

Celebrity Watch: Useful and lucrative

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Litigation without end

Tick "No religion"

Men Only

Family LoreCast #37

Re T (A Child: Murdered Parent): The approach of the court remains the same


International Women's Day

News Brief: A mixed bag

At the offices of Venal & Grabbit's advertising agency...

Something for the Weekend: Shuttle launch from an airplane

Just Say 'No Religion'

The word of the moment

How To Avoid Mediation Seminar - Book Now!

Questions, questions...

February Post of the Month