Celebrity Watch: Useful and lucrative

I have once again been somewhat negligent in my reporting of celebrity marital (or extra-marital) goings-on recently (I can't imagine why), but I have found a couple of items (just) worthy of a mention.

When I began Celebrity Watch I speculated whether there was anything useful to be gained from observing such goings-on. Well, perhaps there is. The mere sight of a headline such as Mel Gibson gets probation for domestic violence in The Guardian today (and presumably similar headlines elsewhere in the media) will hopefully send out a message as to the seriousness of domestic violence, and that no one is above sanction for perpetrating it.

Meanwhile, on a slightly lighter note, the news that none of us were expecting: Katie Price has taken the first steps to divorcing husband Alex Reid, by lodging a petition with a court. This is not, of course, bad news for all; in fact, it is very good news for those punters who are looking forward to collecting their winnings. So, watching celebrities can be lucrative too...

* * * * *

UPDATE (if you can take any more of this): The News of the World today (Sunday) carries a headline regarding Ms Price's relationship with her 'new Latin toyboy' Leandro which reads: "Leandro hardly speaks English.. so I'm not with him for his mind!" I wonder if he is with her for her mind?