Cheats Charted

Here's the latest great idea from the US of A. CheaterVille is a site where people can spill the beans on someone who is cheating on their partner, so that it can be used by others to check that their (prospective) partner isn't a 'cheat'. As the site says: "Cheaterville was created with one goal in mind, keeping you ahead of the heartache -- even when it hurts." The site even has a section listing 'Cheaters of the day', a sort-of 'cheats chart'.

Now, I suspect that those with strong morals may disapprove of a site like CheaterVille, but as a divorce lawyer I have to say that I'm all for it...


  1. it feels a bit tacky and i'm not sure of the impact on karma for those contributing but if we cheat (and lots of us do) we have to accept that nasty things may happen to us and it's our fault.


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