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  1. Hi John
    Does V and G have a New York office? I am in New York and just walked past a billboard outside a law firm which read
    "Free Yourself!
    Get a divorce for only
    On reflection is that too cheap for V and G?

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    V & G are considering opening a New York office, if the profits are sufficiently high.

    Excellent advert, but yes, rather too cheap for V & G!

    Enjoy the Big Apple!


  3. My Dear Edgar,

    A valuable talk to be sure, though we at Tightwad and Curmudgeonly confess to being somewhat troubled by the ammount of cpd time accrued in exchange, as it were.
    3.175 hours seems somewhat excessive - surely less should be offered for even less!

    Yours in EXTREME Profit,


  4. Dear Aldous,

    Surely, you mean less should be offered for more?

    Get a grip, man.



  5. My Dear Edgar,

    Such a faux pas, the result of mild over refreshment following an extended lunch with several investment bankers.
    You may rest assured that no further sweet sherry will pass my lips prior to comment on your fine firm.



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