Just Say 'No Religion'

The Census Campaign is run by the British Humanist Association.


  1. This just confirms that;

    proselytising Atheists are as bad as the proselytising religious.

    2 peas in a pod.

  2. It confirms no such thing. There is no proselytising going on here.

  3. it is patronising though. and what do agnostics do???

    i'll be boycotting it anyway as they seem to have found it necessary to get an arms manufacturer to organise it. ain't signing nuffin wiv blood on it.

  4. and children being preached at in school is a bit of a red herring. for me it's more the fact that parents who don't want a denominational school have their choice restricted. there are 3 faith schools nearer my house than the nearest non-denom.

  5. I don't think it's patronising, just informative. I guess agnostics just don't answer, but the question is very badly worded.

  6. Yes, the way it's going, many parents will have no choice other than a faith school.

  7. bit of an oxymoron in the poster, but agree with the sentiment.

  8. Funnily enough, I knew a Faith in school - ironically she was vicar's daughter and was a committed atheist.

    I guess even God can't win them all! ;-)

  9. can you tell she's an oxymoron just by looking at her? medical training is a wonderful thing!


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