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The Family Law Prof Blog today links to a story about a rather unusual, perhaps unique, family law firm. Leigh, James & Associates only act for men. The Florida firm until recently had a slogan that read: "Men Only. Family Law Only.", and indeed the URL still directs to their website. According to the story, Senior Partner Kenny Leigh considers that family law is unfair to men, although that doesn't necessarily explain why he won't represent women.

Of course, refusing to act for women could get the firm into trouble with the local Bar, but as yet no action has been taken, as no discrimination complaint has been made. Leigh, however, says he will fight it if the Bar tells him he has to represent women.

The firm is also not interested in any modern namby-pamby non-confrontational approach to family law. Its website proudly proclaims: "We believe in aggressive legal representation, fighting for men and focused on both personal and professional support."

I'm not aware of any firm quite like Leigh, James & Associates on this side of the pond, although I'm sure it would go down a storm in some quarters.


  1. Vennal and Grabbit is the closest I know of with their aggressive legal representation and a lack of interest in any namby pamby non confrontational approach.

    But to cut off half of a potential money making clientel would go against the grain.

    I find it easier to help men, because you can at least tell them to get a grip, and women do tend to whine so much.


  2. Hi Swiss,

    Yes, I had exactly the same thoughts re: V & G when I wrote this post.

    I think Mr Venal gets his secretary Brunhilde to deal with whining women clients.


  3. rather a tasteless discussion as a firm is increasingly more likely to survive if it takes on the clients who have the dosh. Any bets on whether the priciest lawyers act for men or women? As for acting for children ...

  4. "a firm is increasingly more likely to survive if it takes on the clients who have the dosh"

    Mr Venal's thoughts precisely (save that the word "dosh" isn't in his vocabulary).


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