News Brief: Forms, rules (again) and dynastic trusts

With only a matter of days to go before they have to be used, Family Law has published the new forms to go with the new Family Procedure Rules. A full list of the forms, together with links to the forms in .pdf format can be found here, for your delectation and delight.

Family Law has also published a revised, full and (for now) final list of the practice directions that go with the new rules, which can be found here. If (as is likely) you are none the wiser after reading the rules and PDs, Lucy Reed at Pink Tape has very kindly made her Family Procedure Rules 2010 seminar notes available, here. As Lucy says: "I would say “Enjoy!” – but you won’t."

Finally, as a bit of relief from the excitement of rules and forms, the Daily Mail today reports upon a case being heard in the Court of Appeal involving the vexed issue of "dynastic trusts". Now, I know that most family lawyers don't often come across dynastic trusts, but nevertheless I'm sure that there will be many who will be salivating over the prospect of reading the judgment, after it is handed down.


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