News Brief: The only stories in town

Sometimes it seems that the only family law stories about at the moment are to do with the new Family Procedure Rules and the proposed changes to legal aid, and so it is today.

Mind you, the new rules are giving family lawyers quite enough to think about. For the many who I suspect are still not up to speed, Marilyn Stowe is this week publishing a series of posts on her blog giving guidance on the rules, identifying the most important changes and analysing the likely implications, with an emphasis on finances on divorce. The first two posts can be found here and here.

Meanwhile, Family Law has been heroically churning out individually all the new forms to go with the new rules (all 140 of them, by my reckoning), including such essentials as C69 'Application for registration, recognition or non recognition of a judgment' and D50K 'Notice of Application for Enforcement by such method of enforcement as the court may consider appropriate'. A full list of the forms can be found here.

Lastly, The Guardian reports today that the Commons justice select committee is warning the government that: "Making eligibility for legal aid in divorce and custody cases dependent on accusations of domestic violence will create a "perverse incentive" that encourages false allegations", a point that many others have of course made. The warning comes in the Justice Committee's report Government's proposed reform of legal aid, which was published today and can be found here.