Webinar: Testing for alcohol misuse using hair – an open discussion forum following the findings of the Moylan Judgment in Richmond v B

This is a recording of a webinar hosted by Trimega Laboratories on the 17th February.

Discussion points:
  • What does this now mean for family law clients?
  • What does this mean from a local authority perspective?
  • What does this mean from an expert consultant paediatrician that has a special interest in fostering and child protection?
  • What is the latest update relating to the Society of Hair Testing?
  • Does the judgment impact existing cases?
  • Maximising the accuracy of interpretation in alcohol testing.
  • The body of evidence. How valid is hair testing in comparison to more traditional methods?
Speakers include:

Chair: Melanie Abbott

Panelist: Professor Dr. Fritz Pragst, University Of Berlin

Panelist: David Brown, Head of Children’s Legal Services,
Birmingham City Council

Panelist: Dr. Heather Payne, Consultant Paediatrician

Panelist: James Campbell, Forensic Toxicologist