The word of the moment

Mediation: it seems to be what everyone is talking about at the moment. Here are three recent examples:

Yesterday the BBC ran a piece (demonstrating the level of interest in the subject) by Katie O'Callaghan of Boodle Hatfield, Divorce: Mediation should help married couples split up. Basic information, but Katie seems to be a supporter of mediation, as the title suggests.

Christina Blacklaws of Blacklaws Davis is also a supporter of mediation, but she points out that it is not the panacea for all family problems that the government would have us believe, in an article in the Law Society Gazette today.

Lastly, Pink Tape relates the views of David Jockleson of Miles and Partners in her post More Mmmmmediation (a title I could have used for this post, had I been more creative). He describes the introduction of compulsory mediation assessment as "a headline grabbing, political announcement", which was unexpected, ill thought out and premature in the light of the ongoing Family Justice Review.

More to follow, no doubt...