'Barrister' is a spam word...

Before I send out my Family Lore Focus Newsletter each week I run it through a spam checker, to ensure that it is not rejected by recipients' spam filters. This week the checker told me that it would be rejected, because it contained the word 'barrister'. Hmm...


  1. Spam Spam Spam Spam.

  2. Yes, they introduced Spam. Must be true, says so on Wikipedia ;-) (well, perhaps a 60% chance of being rightish).

  3. The pilgrim and founding fathers of America also banned lawyers.

  4. Ah, that must explain it - the spam checker is American!

  5. Untrustworthy bunch of people.
    Two of my emails today were from Barristers.
    Both from Nigeria of all places, telling me that I had inherited two fortunes from the Late Mr. George W. Wilson and the Late Engr.Reinhard Hermann.
    And another from a Priest who has taken the confession of someone who scammed me some years back. I've responded to that one.

  6. Allegedly scammed me, of course.

  7. Colonial American settlers yearned for a just and equitable system of law and justice, but most of them had a deep distrust of lawyers, courts, and judges. Ordinary people often experienced the hand of law as oppressive and unfair, dominated as it was by the best positioned people in their communities. They revered the English trial by jury tradition, but they also harbored the belief that lawyers charged excessive fees and deliberately made law procedures so complicated that the average person could not understand them. Several colonies even banned lawyers from the courts. The North Carolina Regulators of the 1760s called lawyers �cursed hungry caterpillars� whose exorbitant fees �will eat out the very bowels of our common-wealth.�

  8. Thanks for that - you never know where a post will lead!

  9. god bless the north carolina regulators; a sensible and moderate bunch of folk IMHO.

  10. Barrister is one of the signature words in Nigerian 419 emails, as Conor pointed out.


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