Child maintenance consultation deadline

I have been reminded that that the consultation period for the government's proposed reforms of the child maintenance system ends this Thursday, the 7th April. With all the excitement surrounding the interim report of the Family Justice Review last week, potential responders may have overlooked this deadline. If you wish to respond, the consultation document and details of how to respond can be found here.

I understand that there has been quite a strong response to some of the proposals, in particular (and not unexpectedly) the plans for a system of charging parents who want to use (the successor to) the Child Support Agency. The government's position is set out in this article in the Law Society Gazette by the Minister for Work and Pensions, Maria Miller MP. The position of some campaigning groups - including Gingerbread - opposed to the charges is summarised in this Comment is free article in The Guardian.


  1. Interesting how both Maria Miller and Gingerbread share the same bigoted perception of fathers as violent deadbeats,and yet come to diametrically opposed conclusions.

    Someone has to pay, and it seems fair that it should be the users of the system, but Miller's argument is flawed, just as Henshaw's was, and it isn't really explained how imposing a charge will reduce conflict (it doesn't really work in the Family Courts, does it?).

  2. Thanks for that, Nick - I assume you've responded?

  3. I've responded backing the proposals.

    Alternatively if I private arrangement cannot be made they could play Russian Roulette until one side backs down or loses. That would solve the issue.

    No fairness in sticking maintenance obligations on NRPs when Mum kicks them out for no good reason, or not doing so when bloke runs off to evade responsability.

    Put to the courts. Any broad brush approach will not work. Even the Russian Roulette one I think sadly.

  4. Thinking about it the 'Dear Hunter solution' might actually be quite brilliant and work afterall.

  5. Bit like court - "Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Well Do Ya?"

    Bit like the PWCs choice when faced with taking the NRPs offer or going to CMEC. Better than CSA though, anything is. Not as good as county court was in the good old days though.

  6. I think you mean 'Deer Hunter'.

  7. Sorry Dear / Deer, yes, the one where Bob DeNiro and Christopher Walken play it.

  8. I'd happily play it with my ex offering her nothing or to play the game. I wouldn't back down though and I expect she wouldn't either.

    Hence the root (or route) of the problem here I think.

    The namby pamby liberals don't help either like Gingerbread and the Guardian, nor the feminazis. I am rolling today.

  9. Indeed, I'd love to play it with her, Pleeeease.

    I started having arguments with my lawyers when they wouldn't put such proposals to her and I had to sadly sack them because of it.

    I think I will write to her this evening offering her a game. People feel very strongly on both sides of the argument on this, although I think the NRP blokes shade it over the Lesbians marginally for being angry and upset on the issue on an on-going basis. I am fuming - and back in court on 21st April, 1 week after my next baby's due date (they won't adjourn) on this rubbish.

  10. ARRRRRRGHHHH!!!!!!

  11. OK, calm down, or I may have to start deleting comments.


  12. Well, bleedin grumbling Columnist want my sympathy, got to be joking. Read so much of their drivel recently makes me sick. Was banned on the Gingerbread thread for presenting the alternative POV. So much for fair play. Their way only more like. Ban them. They Make me sick.

  13. If they want my money for this, their 'social progresive' child tax on having children, they can fight me for it.

  14. No I haven't responded yet! I've been busy revising our guidance for LIPs in light of the new Family Procedure Rules and moving house. Some things had to take a back seat.


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