A day to celebrate

A good friend asked me the other day what I would be doing on the day of the royal wedding. (You have, I presume, heard that a royal wedding is taking place this Friday - or were you still wondering why it was a Bank Holiday?)

Being a staunch (whatever that means) republican, and hater of archaic 'pomp and ceremony' (I keep hearing comments about how we British are so good at this - what a useless thing to be good at), it was a very good question.

Of course, if I were still practising then I would join the throng of divorce lawyers outside the Abbey, eager to thrust their business cards into the sweaty mit of the bride and/or groom. However, I am no longer practising.

The day is, nevertheless, one to celebrate. After all, a royal marriage will doubtless encourage more plebs to marry, and we all know that more marriages = more divorces = more money for divorce lawyers.