I blame Charon QC...

As regular readers of Family Lore will know, I pride myself in being the first on the blawgosphere with a story. Yesterday, I fear, I was beaten to not one but two stories. However, it was not my fault...

On Saturday evening I had a video chat on Skype with Charon QC. It was an interesting conversation (Charon described it as "amusingly surreal"), during the course of which the reprobate Charon FORCED me to drink copious amounts of wine (in addition to the copious amounts I had already consumed with my regular Saturday night curry). Well, needless to say, this left me feeling a little, shall we say, delicate all day yesterday. I did (just) feel up to checking my news feed, during the course of which I spotted this story in The Telegraph about how those awful family lawyers have been making huge fortunes from legal aid, and this story on the BBC, warning wives with maintenance orders not to do belly dancing. I wanted to post here about both stories, but it is not easy to write a post when the keyboard keeps swimming before your eyes...

Now I have been beaten to both stories by blawgers who were obviously more sober than I. Lucy Reed at Pink Tape has done a far better hatchet job than I could have done on the Telegraph story (perhaps it was not such a bad thing after all that I didn't do my own post), and Mark Keenan at Divorce-Online has nicked the belly dancing story. Damn.

I can assure readers that there will be no repetition of this reprehensible behaviour. In future, I shall be drinking alone...


  1. Thing is, who was ACTUALLY left winner and still standing at the end of such a lawyerly wine tasting marathon? ( nb: polite euphemisim(sp) for 'bladdered')

    Enquiring minds want to know!!

  2. Unfortunately, I have no recollection...

  3. Is Charon ever without a drink in his hand, the old rascal? Sounds like he's been leading you astray!! :p

    Still, it was the weekend and every blogger needs to unfurl his typing fingers every now and then, eh? ;-)


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