Something for the Weekend: Focus

Not quite sure what to make of this, and it's certainly not uplifting, but it does seem relevant to the subject of this blog:

For more details, see here.


  1. Circle of life - or maybe just you are getting cynical as you get older!! best wishes hope it's a good one


  2. 1. "Only Ari Kruger's contacts can comment on this video" - Vimeo. Lessens the risk of getting an observation like "pretentious twaddle".

    2. "You see her for the first time in the supermarket. She's the most gorgeous creature you've ever seen . . .You tell her you love her. And she loves you. Things have never felt better. But one day, you notice something about her you hadn't noticed before . . . It's you" = a. superficial attraction is not enough. b. no one's perfect: accept it. (The wisdom of age).


    Attractive actresses will draw attention in many ways.

    Thanks for the post; I agree it's relevant to your blog.

    Bertie Bassett


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