Edgar Venal Wins Top Award!

Hard on the heels of Venal & Grabbit receiving the Law Firm of the Year Award for 2011, Senior Partner Edgar Venal has been awarded the equally prestigious Family Lawyer of the Year Award for 2011. The award, given to the family lawyer who is the most deserving of an award, was presented to Edgar Venal at an award ceremony today. The citation read: "For services to the accumulation of profit in the face of an increasing namby-pamby culture of mediation, collaborative law and divers other means of alternative dispute resolution."

Accepting the award, Edgar Venal said: "This is recognition that I am, of course, the best family lawyer in the country, and of the senselessness of instructing anyone else. Perhaps other family lawyers will now realise the utter futility of their pathetic efforts to do a decent job for a reasonable reward."

Second came Sir Nicholas "Tenerife" Mostyn, for his devotion to the cause in dealing with urgent family law matters, even whilst sunning himself on the Mediterranean island of Tenerife.

Third place went to John Hemming MP. Although not strictly a family lawyer, it was felt that John had demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject, and had done more than any family lawyer to promote the excellence of the family justice system.


  1. Congratulations to all worthy winners. I was disappointed though that Mr Venal didn't see fit to thank the hardwork and team effort that went in behind the scenes to engender the success he is clearly enjoying; not even a mention for his dear old Mum and she was presumably so proud!

  2. Mr Venal puts his success entirely down to... himself.


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