House of Lords debates legal aid reforms

The House of Lords yesterday debated the effects on access to justice of the Government's proposals for the reform of civil legal aid. The debate was opened by Lord Beecham (above) and other speakers included Lord Bach, Lord Faulks and Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws. Lord McNally responded on behalf of the government. You can watch the debate here (starting at 14:29), or read a transcript, here. A summary of the debate, with comments, can be found here.


  1. It is depressing that despite the lack of common sense and logic, it will all get nodded through in the end by a coalition majority.
    I don't usually plough through such things, but the Law Society response is spot-on and has some very sensible alternative proposals [including MY idea to remove the statutory charge exemption for mediation/legal help settlements--settling early and more cheaply should be its own reward]. Now in a ministerial bin somewhere I suppose.


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