No use to me now (or then)...

I've been going through some old papers, getting my affairs in order in preparation for the end of the world on Saturday. Whilst doing so, I came across a letter to me dated 17 December 2004, from none other than Law Society Chief Executive Janet Paraskeva (although something tells me her signature was just a rubber stamp) which proudly pronounced: "I have great pleasure in enclosing your new membership card which gives you access to the Law Society's Headquarters building in Chancery Lane, London." I clearly had great pleasure in using the card, as it is still attached to the letter (above).

I had just changed firms when the letter was received. My secretary at my old firm forwarded it to me with a note which read: "Thought you might want/need this - maybe not!!" She clearly knew me well...


  1. Just poked about in the more obscure parts of my wallet and found MINE from 1992.I think they must have given up sending them after that.It is in marginally better condition than the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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