We all make mistakes, but I fear that international lawyer David Hodson may be in need of a geography lesson, following his article The High Court sitting on a Mediterranean beach, published on Family Law today. The article refers to the recent goings-on concerning Mr Justice 'Tenerife' Mostyn. In it, David says:
"The Mail on Sunday led on its front page story that as the duty judge, with responsibility for dealing with emergency applications out of normal court sitting hours, he was in fact in Tenerife, in the Mediterranean."

Erm, sorry David, but I have to inform you that Tenerife is actually in the Atlantic Ocean, as the above graphic confirms.

As to the article itself, David complains that the story in The Mail on Sunday is:
"a misplaced and unfair item; unfair to the judge, unfair to the duty judge procedure, unfair to the President of the Family Division, and unfair to the family justice system."

Perhaps, but shouldn't the judge and the President have realised the reaction that the story would receive, if picked up by the popular media?

* * * * *

UPDATE: David has now corrected the article. I shall be sending him my bill...