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Honey, should we have a chat?


An Excellent Result

Today in Parliament...

Happy Staff

Good Times

Paper Pickup

Venal & Grabbit don't win Pro Bono Awards!

LoreCast for the week ending 27th June 2011

For the living impaired...

Something for the Weekend #2: Still Alive

Something for the Weekend: I'm Down

Two thousand posts and I'm still sane...

Law Society’s Lee vows to fight Legal Aid Bill on ‘every clause’

Cloud Cuckoo Land

So, when's the honeymoon?

Edgar Venal welcomes legal aid abolition

Venal & Grabbit get mother sent to prison

Orders for payment in respect of legal services

Why no change on legal aid...

Ken wields the axe

Trust me...

From the American blogs...

There's no such thing as a free divorce

Edgar Venal appalled at amount lawyers receive from legal aid

Happy Father's Day, Take 2

Serial celebrations

News Brief: Happy Father's Day

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Edgar Venal denies commenting on Hurley divorce

In the firing line

Book Review: Family Courts without a Lawyer - A Handbook for Litigants in Person

Netting the cash

D (A Child): Waiving professional privilege

A pleasant surprise

Shared parenting: fad or forever?

What heals a broken heart

@familylaw: Two thousand followers can't be wrong...

At the offices of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors...

Morning After Pill

Are You Ready For Marriage?

Edgar Venal made OBE in Queen's Birthday Honours!

Something for the Weekend: Les Paul


E (Children): Supreme Court dismisses mother's appeal

There's nowt so queer as folk

It's not perfect, but it's ours...

It's The Sun Wot Pays Out

I'm still going to refer only to 'decree nisi' and 'decree absolute'


Charon QC to carry Olympic torch!

Be Afraid.

Good fortune, bad timing

Arrogant atheists and not collecting stamps

Childhood memories

Dear Dave...

A Family Portrait

Not all corpulent felines

Something for the Weekend: Connolly on religion

Venal & Grabbit open Chinese branch office!

Young People's Guide to the Family Justice Review

Edgar Venal Wins (yet another) Award!

Book Review: Family Procedure Rules 2010 - A Guide to the New Law