Are You Ready For Marriage?

"Are you, as a new bride, mature enough and understanding enough to make the kind of wife your husband desires? Will you help him in his career - or hinder him? Will you build a happy home - or a broken one?" So asks Are You Ready For Marriage?, a quiz that first appeared in “Boy Meets Girl” issue #3 in 1950.

The quiz is full of essential matrimonial questions, such as how to respond to your husband's jokes, how to cook chicken, and what to do when your husband is listening to the cattle reports on the radio. If you score 8 out of 10, then "you'll be the kind of wonderful wife a man needs!" On the other hand, if you score less then "you'll really have to make an effort if you want to hold your husband!" I'm sure any ladies reading this will be wanting to read the whole quiz, which you can find here.

(On a serious note, these were the attitudes towards marriage only a short time before our present divorce laws were formulated. Isn't it time those laws were revisited?)


  1. Ha Ha what a difference 25+ years of marriage make to the answers - guess that's why I single again lol

  2. Would be interested to see what the modern equivalent would be.

    Probably something like are you sane (y/n)? If yes then what you doing getting married anyway. If no, then shouldn't be getting or be married.


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