Childhood memories

I've been doing a lot of reminiscing about my childhood recently, perhaps a little too much. I guess it's an age thing.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a very happy childhood: a loving, secure home and a close family were its hallmarks.

I have been remembering, for example, gathering around the old black and white TV to watch the moon missions, and thinking that such things would be commonplace throughout my life. On the same TV we had watched the first Dr Who programmes, and I had clung to my mother's skirt when the Darleks had been his enemy.

Apart from those Darleks, my world was safe (I was oblivious to the threat of nuclear Armageddon), and my greatest worry was where I would find the money (about 7/6d) to buy my next Corgi car.

To use a cliché, the Beatles were the soundtrack to my childhood. I still often enjoy listening to their music. When clearing my late father's house last year, I came across a Beatles scrapbook belonging to my sister. I'm afraid I did not come across one of our plastic Beatles guitars (pictured), which I understand are now quite valuable.

The world seemed exciting and full of possibilities. Unfortunately, it didn't always live up to my expectations, but that's another story...

What has all of this got to do with family law? Well, nothing directly but we family lawyers (or at least those who are still practising) do of course deal with the lives of children. These children, however, are not enjoying happy childhoods, at least not when we come into contact with them. Perhaps we don't always spare enough time to view what we are doing through their eyes?