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The Law Society Gazette reports today that the Law Society "has backed the Family Justice Review’s ‘far-reaching’ proposals for reform, but urged the government not to proceed with the changes unless it can provide the money to implement them properly".

I'm sorry? What planet are the Law Society on? Have they not heard that government spending is being cut (almost) everywhere? What on Earth makes them think that the government will find money for family law matters, particularly when it has just shown utter contempt for those in need of legal aid to access the family justice system?

With its imposition of compulsory mediation assessment without waiting for the Review, the government has already demonstrated that fiscal considerations trump any considerations as to what is actually better for families. If a new idea is going to save money then great, but if it's going to cost money, then forget it.


  1. Hi John
    Should we try and organise a march? have some form of protest?

  2. I can get about 20 together from Worthing alone!

  3. Solicitors marching with other vocal critics of the Fjr like the anti forced adoption and equal parenting campaigners, now that would be something!

  4. The serious point is we are standing up for our justice system and the right of every citizen in the country to have equal access before the law.
    I will happily turn up even though I've never felt so strongly the need to protest about anything before. Our tremendous justice system is being decimated. Equality of access is fundamental to our legal system and puts it in a class of it's own across the world.
    Once the principle is established, that poorer people don't count in our legal system, what comes next?
    The NHS?
    We really do need to stand up and be counted!

  5. If you're talking about legal aid (as against the FJR) I agree, although I fear it is too late.


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