Edgar Venal appalled at amount lawyers receive from legal aid

Having read the letter from justice minister Jonathan Djanogly to Stewart Jackson MP (above) giving details of the barristers and law firms paid the most from legal aid over the last year, Edgar Venal, Senior Partner at Messrs Venal & Grabbit, has expressed himself appalled at the amounts that they receive.

In a statement to Family Lore he said: "I am utterly appalled at the amounts that the top lawyers receive from legal aid. Quite how these sums can be justified is beyond me. No wonder there is such an uproar from the general public - it is very good of the minister to bring this matter to their attention."

He went on: "I really don't know how these poor lawyers can manage on such pitiful amounts. I certainly couldn't, especially if I also had to pay UK tax, as these wretched unfortunates do. It's no wonder that fewer and fewer firms are offering a legal aid service these days. In the circumstances, it seems quite right that the government is going to put those that are left out of their misery by abolishing legal aid altogether."