Edgar Venal Wins (yet another) Award!

Hard on the heels of Edgar Venal receiving the Family Lawyer of the Year Award for 2011, he has now been awarded the equally prestigious Most Innovative and Outstanding Contribution to Family Law Readers Award Ever (at least this year) Award for 2011. The award, given to the family lawyer who is the most deserving of a Most Innovative and Outstanding Contribution to Family Law Readers Award Ever (at least this year) Award, was presented to Edgar Venal at an award ceremony today.

Accepting the award, Edgar Venal said: "I'm sorry, but I'm beyond caring about awards."


  1. My Dear Edgar,

    Forgive my absence from your various and sundry award ceremonies, I was compelled, for tax reasons, and completely unrelated offshore matters, to take a lengthy vacation in Barbados.

    May I offer my most sincere congratulations with respect to your gongs; I myself have several,but as you rightly point out, is it really necessary that our (lucrative) work should be flagged up to the rest of the profession? Such attention, I fear, will lead to the spotlight beign shone upon legions of family laywers who apparently toil 'ceasslessly' to secure aulawthe rights of children, women and estranged fathers, and 'highlight' their good work.
    It is simply not to be borne!


    Aldous Tightwad, Senior Managing Partner, Tightwad and Curmudgeonly LLP.

  2. Quite so, my dear Aldous, quite so.




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