Good Times

Venal & Grabbit have indicated that they expect to achieve record profits for the second quarter of the year.

"It is certainly a wonderful time to be practising law." Said Senior Partner Edgar Venal, adding with a chuckle: "Unless, of course, you were foolish enough to decide upon legal aid as a career choice."

He went on: "With our aggressive marketing techniques, our divorce department has taken on a record number of new clients. There was also an upsurge in early April, with clients anxious to avoid that new compulsory mediation assessment nonsense. As a result of all of this we are now doing more divorce work than ever - I may even have to take on another assistant, much as it grieves me to reduce profits by adding to the burden of having to pay salaries."

Meanwhile, Venal & Grabbit Insolvency Partner Ebenezer Grabbit expressed his pleasure at the news of more high street store closures: "The retail sector is presently a very lucrative area of work, providing us with much of our insolvency business. It's wonderful to see so many well-known shops going into administration. Profits have gone through the roof. My only problem is how to evade... er, I mean avoid paying yet more income tax."

* * * * *

UPDATE: With the expected bonanza of gay divorces over there, Venal & Grabbit are apparently considering opening a New York branch office.