May Post of the Month

My Post of the Month for May is No Apologist, by Lucy Reed at Pink Tape. The post reflects my own feelings about the family justice system (although I could not possibly express them so eloquently). I am also no apologist for the system, but all too often I find myself defending it against what I (in rather less conciliatory terms than Lucy) like to call the hysterical anti-family-justice-system brigade, rather than engaging in constructive criticism.

In particular, Lucy hits the nail on the head when she says: "I don’t accept bogus arguments that lawyers are part of some corrupt system or conspiracy." I have heard this sort of nonsense expressed or implied on so many occasions since I started writing this blog that, quite frankly, I am bored with responding to it.

Lucy sets out her own criticisms of the system with which, as she says, most family lawyers would agree. I'm sure she's right, although I would also add other reforms that I would like to see, such as true no-fault divorce, clearer rules to determine financial settlements on divorce and property rights for cohabitees.