Not all corpulent felines

This headline in The Independent on Sunday today confirms that the legal profession retains it's lofty position in the hearts of the nation:

The people versus the cuts (and, as ever, the lawyers will be the winners)

Whilst there will, of course, always be some who prosper in hard times, I'm not sure that those lawyers whose firms have gone under, or those who have been made redundant, or those who are now having to work short hours, will consider themselves to be 'winners'.


  1. An irritating headline, especially as the main article sets out several cases that appear to have merit.
    It seems odd to complain that valid legal challenges are being dealt with by lawyers.Who else did they have in mind?
    Even political bruiser Ken Clarke agrees that the state cannot be beyond the challenge of an individual.
    I feel the same when you see similar comments about health authorities paying legal bills...the answer is simple-stop botching operations!


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