A pleasant surprise

Kathi Smith-Petersen received a very pleasant surprise recently when she was called to the office of the Arizona Department of Economic Security: a cheque for $93,639, representing arrears of child support, plus some $67,000 interest.

Kathi's ex-husband owed her child support dating back to 1976. She had never given up trying to recover it, but didn't expect ever to see more than a few thousand dollars. However, workers at the Department of Economic Security discovered that he had an out-of-state bank account with more than $200,000 in it. A levy was placed on the account and the bank was forced to surrender the $93,639.

I guess there are two morals to this story: 1. Never give up; and 2. If you owe money, pay it as soon as possible!

[Story found via Florida Divorce.]


  1. One can only hope she managed to feed the childen and they are not now suffering long term effects of malnutrition.
    I suppose this story is meant to be heartwarming but it's quite depressing.

  2. She'll probably go on a holiday with it.

  3. She says she's sharing the money with her daughters.


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