There's nowt so queer as folk

Yesterday I almost wrote a post about this story in the Daily Mail, apparently concerning an estranged wife who 'trapped' her husband by posing as a teenage girl on a fake Facebook account (above), in an effort to get damaging information from him. The husband and the 'girl' became 'friends', and the husband then told her how he was tracking his wife’s movements with a GPS device placed on her car, and revealed plans to have his wife killed and then flee the state with their children. The husband was duly arrested by the FBI.

It seemed like a great story to blog about, but for some reason it didn't seem quite right, and I chose not to. Now, it appears that I was right, as it has been revealed that the husband wasn't actually duped at all. Instead, he was playing his wife, in the hope of proving that she was “still tampering with his life”. Accordingly, the charges against him have been dropped.

Still, pretty bizarre behaviour all round...


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