Today in Parliament...

The government pushes ahead with the second reading of the Legal Aid Bill today. I shall not be hyperventilating over this (other lawyers far more articulate than I have already done so - see, for example, here) - I think I have already made my position clear in other posts. In any event, it is surely a fait accompli - the public apathy towards the issue has ensured that those who seek our votes every few years won't be moved to change their minds, so further exhortation will only amount to so much wastage of breath.

Elsewhere in the Palace of Westminster (OK, in the Wilson Room in Portcullis House, actually) the Education Committee will this morning be exploring the recommendations of the Munro Review of Child Protection, with Professor Munro herself giving evidence. The session "will consider how the review relates to trends in previous policy and legislation and its implications in terms of early intervention and the role and status of social workers". If you understand what that means, you can watch the meeting on Parliament TV, starting at 9.45am.