Friday, June 24, 2011

Two thousand posts and I'm still sane...

This is the two-thousandth post* on Family Lore. It's a good job I'm made of stern stuff - for anyone of a weaker disposition such an achievement could have serious consequences for their mental health.

I admit I have been talking to myself a lot recently, but I'm OK. Aren't I John? Yes I am.

Two thousand posts. There have been many highlights, such as the time...

Hey, look at that - I've got hairs on the palm of my hand. Let's count them...

Yeah, two thousand posts. I never realised I could write so much rubbish excellent stuff. Many thanks to all who have taken the time to read (any of) it.

Right, just tighten that strap a little, I can still reach the keyboard...

* * * * *

[*For any clever dicks out there who have added up the post counts in my blog archive on the right and only come to 1999, I can confirm that this is post number 2000. There is a good reason for the discrepancy.]

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