Venal & Grabbit open Chinese branch office!

Over 5,000 couples divorce each day in China during first quarter - People's Daily Online


  1. My Dear Edgar,

    I am heartened to see that you have jumped on the bamboo boat.

    China is in sore need of lawyers of your character and quality.

    We at Tightwad and Curmudgeonly are happy to be of assistance should you find yourself either need of office space, ( having recently purchased a sa rather modest 287 storey edifice in the middle of Bejing) or staff willing to work 798 hours a week for a very small bowl of rice.

    It's the very LEAST we can do.

    Yours, etc,

    Aldous Tightwad.

  2. Dear Aldous,

    Thank you for your kind offer, but we already have a willing supply of coolies ready to do our bidding.

    Looking forward to meeting you in your local opium den,



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