Edgar Venal wins the Venal & Grabbit Family Lawyer of the Year Award!

Edgar Venal has won the inaugural Venal & Grabbit Family Lawyer of the Year Award, receiving 100% of the vote. The award, announced last week, was decided by readers of Family Lore.

Unfortunately, due to a fault in Blogger the votes of readers were not added up, meaning that the only vote showing in the poll is your own. However, Venal & Grabbit assure us that this did not affect the result, which Edgar Venal merely took from his own computer, as per this screen-shot:

As will be seen, this clearly shows Edgar Venal as the poll winner.

Accepting the award, Edgar Venal said: "I am very proud to receive the prestigious Venal & Grabbit Family Lawyer of the Year Award. It means so much, coming as it does from the top family law firm.

"The award clearly proves that I am the best family lawyer in the country, being superior to all others in every respect, including winning more cases, screwing more money out of the other party and ensuring that my clients' children do not have to see the other parent. I expect that the publicity I get from receiving this award will lead to a lot more business, and therefore even greater profits. It will certainly justify an increase in my hourly rate.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to deposit the prize money in my offshore account, before the taxman gets his hands on it."