Is Collaborative Divorce a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

The question is asked by Georgialee Lang in the Canadian edition of the (I know) Huffington Post. She says:
"...make no mistake. Despite what you may have heard, collaborative lawyers are still out to get the best deal they can for their clients. The "warm and fuzzy" marketing is merely a smokescreen.

In certain respects, collaborative divorce is a wolf in sheep's clothing where strategies usually reserved for "bulldogs" are implemented, including the dreaded "nothing is settled until everything is settled" and "We refuse to counter" mentalities, driving one party to negotiate against him or herself."

Not having any direct experience of collaborative law, I can't comment. Still, an interesting point of view...


  1. Not sure on this article. My only comment is that I have seen both the strategies mentioned used in practice and they are a real drag and bring the profession into disrepute.

  2. What a picture... looks like something that Edward knocked together in the league of gentlemen! :-\

  3. :-)

    I thought the wolf looked suitably evil...


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