Ken Clarke targeted by 'fathers' rights' Batman activist

The Telegraph reports today that an activist for campaign group "New Fathers 4 Justice" has tried to ''arrest'' Justice Secretary Ken Clarke at his home. The incident was filmed by the group, and uploaded to YouTube. The report originally had the wrong video embedded in it. This is the correct video:

'Batman' is a Mr Garry Roe who, as will be seen, claims that fathers do not have equal rights. He seems to be upset that the Family Justice Review has reneged on a 'promise' (I'm not sure by whom) to recommend that there be a presumption of shared parenting. Mr Clarke replies that the child's welfare is paramount.

Apparently, Mrs Clarke prevented the group filming the attempted ''citizens arrest'' of her husband. The grounds for the 'arrest' are not explained.


  1. He didn't try to arrest him in that video. Journalistic license I suppose.

    I too have a worthless contact order.

    I thought there was going to be a scheme whereby if you prevent contact you don't get maintenance (in answer to silly Ken's statement that there's nothing you can do).

    Ken Clarke used to be good in the 80s and 90s. Now he is passed it. I read his statement on rape and it was horrifically insulting to rape victims. He also said there is a net migration to rather than from the EU from this Country.

    He is supposed to be a leader, no thank you. He also backed the Euro for us.


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