Kernott v Jones: Patience, young Skywalker

I'm no expert on the machinations of the Supreme Court, but it seems to me that the judgment in Kernott v Jones will not now be handed down until the Michaelmas term, which begins on the third of October. By then Mr Kernott and Ms Jones would have waited one day short of five months to hear the outcome of their case, such is the speed of justice at these exalted echelons. Of course, if I'm not right about this and anyone has any better information, please let me know.

To recap, the issue to be decided by the court (as stated on the Supreme Court website) is: "Whether a court can properly infer an agreement by an unmarried couple, who hold a property in equal shares at the date of their separation, to the effect that thereafter their respective beneficial interests should alter." It is, of course, a matter that could have a serious bearing for many people, so it is not just the parties who are anxiously awaiting this decision.