Reality check

I have no intention whatsoever of joining Google+. I want fewer 'social networks' rather than more, thank you (in fact, I've been meaning to get around to deleting my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for a long time).

It seems, however, that if you do want to join then there will be no place for you if you are separated or divorced, according to this article in Forbes. On the Google+ profile page, users are given options for their relationship status but, unlike Facebook, neither "separated" nor "divorced" appear. As the article says, this ignores the fact that 10% of the US poulation is divorced.

Apparently, Google has been criticised before for ignoring the possibility of familial strife - I love the quote from one user who took exception to them inserting "call Dad" reminders into people's GMail accounts on Father's Day:
“I’m sure in a Google-designed childhood everyone would be loved, protected, and nurtured to be the best little software engineer he/she can be. However, I don’t appreciate the reminder of my unpleasant childhood and presumption that I want to speak to my father.”

Perhaps Google could do with a little reality check.


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