Something for the Weekend: 'GRAMMOPHONE'

This was probably my favourite Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch. Of course, back then I identified with Rowan and Griff, but the extraordinary way technology has moved on since would now put me firmly in Mel's shoes...


  1. Talking of gramophones, I'm inclined to agree with your observations on Christopher Booker, above. And I'm supposed to be on the same side.

    Like some campaigners who become fixated on their own cases to the exclusion of all else, he doesn't seem to realise that an isolated case proves very little. He certainly isn't helping 'the cause' much.

  2. Hmm, I really shouldn't allow that comment, as it's not relevant to this post. However, seeing as it's you Nick (and you're agreeing with me for once!), I'll let it go.



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