Where do lawyers find all the words?

Family Lore was once described somewhere as comprising mostly short posts. This is quite true. I am, as I have often been told, a man of few words, and in any event I generally have a short attention span, quickly getting bored with a subject and wanting to move on to the next. It has also been partly out of design: I have tried to provide busy lawyers with quick information.

But not all law blogs are the same. Most are so verbose that a busy lawyer reading them will spend more time than ever keeping up to date. In fact, I've often marvelled at the amount other lawyers can write on a topic, when I can only come up with so little. Where do they find all the words?

Now, I don't want to spend too much time on this, but here are a few brief thoughts:
  • Lawyers are used to charging by the hour, therefore the more time they can spend writing about something, the more they get paid. This is so ingrained that they still behave this way even if they are not getting paid.

  • Lawyers are taught never to describe something one way when they can do so several ways. For example the classic "give, devise and bequeath", as mentioned in this recent article in the Gazette. Despite the advice contained in the article, old habits die hard.

  • Lastly, we all know that lawyers like the sound of their own voices. Perhaps this self-adoration extends from the spoken to the written word...
Right, I've said quite enough on this subject. I'm off to find something else to talk about...