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PC? That's a computer, isn't it?

You can't have too much of a... thing

Grant Thornton matrimonial survey: Choose your headline...

News for the Week (and a bit) to the 30th August 2011


No Regrets

U.S. 'Bad mothering' lawsuit dismissed

You'll Never Wed Alone


Something for the Weekend: No Escape


U.S. census indicates children of divorce are more likely to be in poverty

They're going back...

Why did Vicky Haigh not appeal?

Not to be recommended...

Never miss an advertising opportunity...

Psychological testing protocol

A quick health check...

A Warning

Speeding up the system

News for the Week Ending 22nd August 2011

No fun

New paint job

Something for the Weekend: World's Funniest Dinner Trick

Get a celebrity to pay your child support

Genuinely expensive

Disaster recovery

I shall not be posting about the riots...

Misplaced expectations

Portal Wedding Rings

Say it with a rock

Child Support Amnesty Week

Marilyn Stowe Competition

Doing quite nicely

News for the Week Ending 15th August 2011

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Season's Greeting

Wife not entitled to share of husband's inherited wealth

Something for the Weekend: A room with a view - Fawlty Towers

An ear miss

There is only 'a child'

How not to address a judge

Never miss an opportunity...


Slow-track Procedure

Fast-track Procedure


Summer vacation Q & A

More in hope than expectation...

Well, it's all business...

New Book: How to Bully Litigants in Person, by Edgar Venal

News for the Week Ending 8th August 2011

Child Support Jackpot #2

A Gollum at a Wedding

How did Matt O'Connor get on with his hunger strike?

The saga continues...

Something for the Weekend: NYC Construction Worker Sings 'Summer Wind'

Spot on

Wisdom of the Church

One in three law centres set to shut down

Fathers' Rights

Unhappy Holidays

Лучшее свадебное видео за всю историю свадеб