Child Support Jackpot #2

I posted some while back about the Colorado idea of deducting child support arrears from casino jackpots. The Evansville Courier & Press now reports that a similar scheme in Indiana has netted some $650,000 from 376 'deadbeat' parents since October.

The program works by the state providing the casinos with a list of parents who are at least $2,000 or three or more months behind in their child support payments. Casinos are required to check the names of gamblers who win $1,200 or more against the list, and then withhold money from those who owe. The money is passed to the Department of Child Services, which holds it for 10 days for possible appeals, before it's sent to the parent with care.

The article says that it is estimated that the program might eventually result in $1 million or more annually in intercepted payments, although the amount could decrease each year as more gamblers become aware of the law and find ways to avoid it, for example by getting friends to collect their jackpots.

On the other hand, some gamblers have been caught more than once, so perhaps they actually approve of the system. Or perhaps they are just slow on the uptake...